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Every student in the Marinette School District has the opportunity to join athletics, whether they are in High School, Middle School or Elementary School. Any Middle School or High School student interested in joining a sport can contact one the coaches, Mr. Furton or Mrs. Johnston (at MMS) at any time. All necessary forms needed for participation are listed under the "Athletics Forms" area of this page. In addition, there are numerous youth sports opportunities in the community for students as young as 4 years old, listed under the "Marinette Youth Sports Programs" tab.

Athletic Training Services

The Marinette School District is proud to partner with Aurora Medical Center - Bay Area for athletic training services. A member of Aurora’s Athletic Training Team attends every practice and game – so your team always has access to injury prevention and sports medicine care.
Team medical coverage services may include:
  • Injury risk screenings: We assess each athlete for potential injuries by testing abilities like flexibility, strength and endurance.
  • Education: We work with coaches and athletes to create a safe playing environment. We also share important tips on topics like proper hydration and nutrition so athletes can perform their best.
  • Injury prevention: We deliver one-on-one care to athletes who face a higher-than-normal injury risk or are playing with mild injuries. Care may include special exercises or applying tape, braces and splints.
  • On-field injury evaluation: When athletes go down, we rush to their side, perform a detailed evaluation on the spot and determine whether it’s safe to return to play.
  • Referral to specialists when necessary: When injuries require specialized care, we refer you to one of our sports medicine experts. Our team includes orthopedic surgeons with deep expertise in treating sports injuries, as well as primary care sports medicine doctors who treat injuries without surgery.
  • Return-to-play decisions you can trust: Athletic trainers spot easy-to-miss symptoms, such as mental fog from a concussion. Even when athletes insist that they’re OK, our expertise helps us determine when it’s truly safe to return to the game.

Meet our Athletic Trainer

Mike Shampo, LAT, ATC.
I have been working for Aurora Medical Center-Bay Area and covering Marinette High School since 2012.  I am at the High School Monday through Friday from 2-7 for daily athletic training room and event coverage.  I will also see athletes at the middle school as needed.  During my time at the school I evaluate injuries, tape/brace injuries and also help rehabilitate injured athletes.  I work closely with our school staff in the implementation of our return to learn guidelines after a student sustains a head injury.  Communication with the student athlete, parents and school staff is a very important job of the Athletic Trainer.
Working with high school athletes is a unique opportunity to work with not only injured athletes but also working with preventing injuries for healthy athletes.  It’s very rewarding to see an athlete that has suffered an injury work to get back to full strength and return to the game.
If you need more information or have a question about an injury please feel free to contact me.  Thank you!
Contact information:
[email protected]

Middle School Athletics




 7th Grade Football 
 8th Grade Football 
 7th Grade Volleyball
 8th Grade Volleyball
 Cross Country Gr 5-8  Email: Jessica Scheer




 7th Grade Boys Basketball             
 8th Grade Boys Basketball 
 7th Grade Girls Basketball Email: Mike Maedke
 8th Grade Girls Basketball Email: Lukas Maulding
 Wrestling Gr 5-8 Owen Suennen




 Track and Field Gr 5-8 Email: Jenni Campbell 
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