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Middle School Activities

This area includes activities which, for the most part are conducted outside the regular school day.  These activities involve public performances and are usually judged against a set of standards as opposed to competition against other teams.  In most cases awards and/or recognition are given for successful completion of the activity.  Activities included in this category are:
  • Show Choir
  • Forensics
  • Drumming
  • Drama
  • Musical

School Leadership:
This category includes those activities whose members are elected, or appointed, to positions of leadership and public recognition from respective student constituencies.  Students in this category are expected to be representative of the values, expectations, and ideals espoused by the school.  For all activities in this category there shall be an application or nomination process established by the building administration.  The activities included in this category are:  

  • Student Council
  • National Junior Honor Society 

This area includes activities in which students volunteer to participate.
The activities included in this category are any school-sanctioned club and include:

  • Healthy Youth Coalition
  • Art Club
  • Robotics
  • Archery
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