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Front row: Terri Florek, Judy Grace, Cindy Verschay, and Rose O'Hara. 

Back row: Brian Ceranski, Eric Craver, Tom Faller and John LaCourt

The School Board of the Marinette School District meets every third Tuesday of the month in the Community Room of the District Office.  The District Office is located at 2139 Pierce Avenue, Marinette, Wisconsin.  For additional information, call 715-735-1407, or email the Superintendent's Assistant, Maryanne Rich.  You will find the Board agendas in this section of our website, along with Board meeting minutes, when posted.


Mr. John LaCourt, President
Ms. Terri Florek, Vice President [email protected]
Mr. Chuck Rowell, Treasurer
[email protected]
Mr. Tom Faller, Clerk[email protected]
Mr. Eric Craver, Member
[email protected]
Mrs. Cindy Verschay, Member[email protected]
Mrs. Judy Grace, Member [email protected]
Mr. Brian Ceranski, Member[email protected]
Ms. Rose O'Hara, Member[email protected]
Corry Lambie, Superintendent[email protected]
Brea Leow, Student Representative


BYLAWS & POLICIES:  Marinette School District has the availability of viewing Board Bylaws and Policies online.
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