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Information Technology

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Information Technology

Our Philosophy
Access to modern technology is changing the way students learn and access information. Many of the students in the Marinette School District have never known a world without high speed Internet access, Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia. These children have grown up in a technology rich world and, subsequently, they think and solve problems differently than previous generations. In their minds, why would they read an instruction manual when you can simply go online and find a variety of videos related to the topic at hand?

Our focus is to ensure our students are college and career ready and to provide a modern learning environment which::
     Engages the Learner
     Unleashes Creativity
     Encourages Collaboration
     Inspires Critical Thinking
     Broadens Communication
     Makes Real World Connections

Our Model:  1:1 Computing
Every student in grades 1-12 is provided with a district owned Chromebook. The Chromebook will be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. The focus is to provide students with multiple opportunities to research, collaborate and create. In grades 5-12 students take the device home at night and on weekends. It's one way we can expand the learning outside of their traditional classroom.

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Picture of Brigit Pettit
Brigit Pettit
Technology Coordinator
Photo of Jamie Votava


Jamie Votava
Database Technician
Photo of Adam Grace
Adam Grace
Network Support Specialist
Photo of Nicholas McDonald
Nick McDonald
Workstation Technician
Photo of Matt Piechota
Matt Piechota
Network Operations Technician
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