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Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

The Marinette School District's strategic plan exemplifies our mission, vision, and core values. Updated beginning the 2023-24 academic year, this plan provides a blueprint for what we do every day, what we strive to become and how we go about the work to reach our goals.

Four pillars adopted across all school and district departments serve as the foundation for continuous improvement. By aligning our goals with pillars, we envision ongoing reflection which will allow us to monitor overall system health and propel us toward accomplishing our important District Commitments:
  • Improve academic achievement with a focus on literacy and math while closing the gap from traditionally underserved groups
  • Actively support staff by developing professional learning opportunities that align with performance expectations 
  • Provide an inclusive, welcoming environment that ensures safety and high levels of well-being for all 
  • Engage families, students, staff and community in building trusting relationships that foster a shared vision and mission 
  • Align resources with a sustainable and adaptable operational plan that directly supports District priorities with maximum efficiency and excellence. 
Our students dream big, and we want to put in place an innovative system that nurtures their dreams and prepares them to achieve their goals. 


Inspiring Learners.  
Engaging Communities.
Impacting the Future.


Tomorrow's innovators propelled by unlimited potential...A World Transformed

Core Values

Partnering and communicating respectfully with all for a solutions-focused approach.
Continuous Improvement
Pursuing excellence through ongoing reflection of practice.
Connecting through active involvement to enrich learning experiences.
Learner Focused
Empowering learners for personalized growth.
Enriching the lives of individuals to create a just and caring community.


Educational Excellence
Inclusive & Engaging Culture To Support Teaching & Learning
Family & Community Engagement
Resources & Operations

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