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The School Board of the Marinette School District meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm, in the Community Room of the District Office.  The District Office is located at 2139 Pierce Avenue, Marinette, Wisconsin.  For additional information, call 715-735-1407, or email the Superintendent's Assistant, Maryanne Rich.

You will find the Board agendas in this section of our website, along with Board meeting minutes, when posted.

BYLAWS & POLICIES:   The School District of Marinette has the availability of viewing Board Bylaws and Policies online


Mr. John LaCourt, President             2924 Taylor St., Marinette, WI 54143                         715-587-0075

Ms. Lisa Michiels, Vice President     N2596 Edgewood Dr., Marinette, WI 54143              715-732-1302

Ms. Terri Florek, Clerk                       840 Gladstone, Marinette, WI  54143                         715-938-0405

Mr. Eric Craver, Member                   2315 Riverside Ave., Marinette, WI  54143                715-732-0684

Mr. Tom Faller, Member                   900 Shing Wa Uk Dr., Marinette, WI  54143               715-735-9651

Mrs. Mary Bodam, Member           1143 Parnell St., Marinette, WI  54143                         715-587-0935

Mrs. Judy Grace, Member                 N2640 Edgewood Dr., Marinette, WI  54143             715-735-6180

Mr. Lee Kuntz, Member                    1430 Shore Dr., Marinette, WI  54143                         715-587-1430

Mr. Chuck Rowell, Treasurer            812 McAllister Ave., Marinette, WI  54143                 715-587-0159

Dr. Wendy Dzurick, Superintendent  2139 Pierce Ave. Marinette, WI 54143                     715-735-1407

Ms. JJ Zeifert, Student Representative

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