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Board of Education - Announcements
A Special Closed Session meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29, 2020 in the District Office Community Room, 2139 Pierce Ave., Marinette.

*** New Time*** - Finance & Auxiliary Services Committee, Tues., February 11, 2020 at 7:30 a.m., District Office Small Conference room, 2139 Pierce Ave., Marinette.

Board of Education Regular Monthly meeting: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., District Office Community Room, 2139 Pierce Ave., Marinette.


11 months ago

Finance & Auxiliary Services Committee

Charles Rowell, Committee Chair

John LaCourt

Tom Faller

Policy Committee

Terri Florek, Committee Chair

Judy Grace

Mary Bodam


10 days ago

The School Board of the Marinette School District meets every third Tuesday of the month in the Community Room of the District Office.  The District Office is located at 2139 Pierce Avenue, Marinette, Wisconsin.  For additional information, call 715-735-1407, or email the Superintendent's Assistant, Maryanne Rich.

You will find the Board agendas in this section of our website, along with Board meeting minutes, when posted.

BYLAWS & POLICIES:   The School District of Marinette has the availability of viewing Board Bylaws and Policies online


Mr. John LaCourt, President             2924 Taylor St., Marinette, WI 54143                         715-587-0075

Ms. Terri Florek, Vice President       840 Gladstone, Marinette, WI  54143                         715-938-0405

Mr. Eric Craver, Member                  2315 Riverside Ave., Marinette, WI  54143                715-732-0684

Mr. Tom Faller, Clerk                         900 Shing Wa Uk Dr., Marinette, WI  54143               906-290-3312

Mrs. Mary Bodam, Member             1143 Parnell St., Marinette, WI  54143                       715-587-0935

Mrs. Judy Grace, Member                 N2640 Edgewood Dr., Marinette, WI  54143             715-735-6180

Mr. Lee Kuntz, Member                    1430 Shore Dr., Marinette, WI  54143                         715-587-1430

Mr. Chuck Rowell, Treasurer            812 McAllister Ave., Marinette, WI  54143                 715-587-0159

Dr. Wendy Dzurick, Superintendent  2139 Pierce Ave. Marinette, WI 54143                     715-735-1407

Mr. Hayden Myers, Student Representative