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February Spotlight On Learning
During the February Board of Education Spotlight On Learning, Marinette Primary School students and staff demonstrated one of the activities they engage in to help build their reading and literacy skills, partner reading. Our presenters were Mrs. Borths, Mrs. Emmes, Mrs. Schwaba, Mrs. Mattison, Mrs. Beaudo, and Mrs. Elliott. along with students Ellie B, Journey D, Emmitt M, Jaxon P, Gabby R, Ezra A, Margaret W, Malina T and Emelia E.
The students read aloud to their board member partners, demonstrating how they put their letter sounds and blending together to read words. Mrs. Elliott shared that partner reading is one of the various ways that students are practicing fluency and building automaticity skills. Students have also benefited from having an accountability partner and someone to practice their skills aloud with.