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The Marinette School District has added virtual opportunities for our students.  The Virtual Education Program has been developed to better serve the unmet needs of some of our students and move toward preparing ALL of our students for the 21st century skills they will be required to demonstrate in their futures.  For a quick link to our virtual programming opportunities, jump to the login screen here:  WVS

The School District of Marinette has partnered with the DPI-endorsed Wisconsin Virtual School to help us provide virtual learning options for our students, including:

  •  relevant courses in flexible locations in an "anytime, anywhere" environment
  •  high quality, interactive courses aligned to state and national standards
  •  middle school and high school level curriculum
  •  over 70 different course options
  •  a solution for schedule conflicts, home-based learners and homebound students
  •  modified rates of learning to accommodate the student - traditional, accelerated or extended
  •  the experience of online learning in preparation for future training in post-secondary educational and work environments.

For more information about our Virtual Program opportunities, please contact the School District at 715-735-1400.

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