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about 1 year ago

MIssion: The Marine Way Education Fund will enhance innovative educational opportunities through the funding of resources that enrich a student’s educational experience.

The Marine Way Education Fund is a part of the School District of Marinette.  Thus it falls under the non-profit organization status of the school district.  The foundation is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities through business and community partnerships. The Oversight Committee consists of volunteer community leaders, teachers, and parents who partner with school district professionals.  Through the awarding of the selected grants, the Marine Way Education Fund Board of Directors will assist in ensuring the students in Marinette’s early learning center, three elementary schools, middle school and high school experience a relevant, successful educational experience.

The Fund is designed to cover costs associated with innovative educational experiences that are aligned with the four Principles of Practice used to determine alignment to relevant practice: Visible Student Engagement, Education for Economic Development, Governance for Learning and Talent Development.   Email:

Oversight Committee

  • Paula Gruszynski, M & M Foundation Director

  • Stan Gruszynski, Community Member

  • Keith Schroeder, District Employee

  • Sarah Marzahl,  Parent

  • Kathy Hermanson, District Employee/Parent

  • Nan Hoff,  Retired Educator

  • Jonathan Haines, Alumni