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If you already have a child enrolled in our district or if you have a child returning to our district and you want to register a child who is new or returning to our District, follow this process:

For new students: use your current Skyward credentials, log in and in the upper left corner of your screen will be an option to Enroll a New Student.

For returning students, contact the school your child will be attending. They will assist you.

Please make sure you confirm your existing child's enrollment for this new school year first. Then all of your data will be correct for the new child.


11 hours ago

CONTINUING PROCESS!  The Marinette School District's 2018-19 Enrollment Confirmation process for returning students is in the process of being updated.  We will have final touches to confirm your child's enrollment in mid-July.
No more waiting in line in the school office to fill out or turn in enrollment and emergency information, PRIMARY PARENTS/GUARDIANS ONLY, using the Skyward Portal (link appears at the top of any of our webpages), will "confirm enrollment" and will see that most information for their child(ren) will already be filled out based on our existing records.  
Simply verify or update existing information and provide proof of residency if the child's address has changed. This proof of residency* can be submitted either online or sent directly to the school the child will be attending.
Please complete the enrollment confirmation process as soon as possible, and definitely prior to September 8th, as the process will close at that time in order for us to report our student count to the Department of Public Instruction.

*Examples of accepted proof of residency documents include a current utility bill (not a phone bill), lease or closing papers (for 30 days until a utility bill is available). 

NEW PROCESS for brand new students to our district:  this process opens mid-July! Once applied for, Skyward will send the parents or guardians of NEW students a link and code to register their child for the 2018-19 school year.  Enrollment for students new to the district is ongoing.